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At the 2016 World YoYo Contest, I invited everyone involved in the yoyo industry who was at the event to meet with me to talk about, why we needed it, and what I wanted it to be. I needed to know that this wasn’t just another idea that sounded good in my head but fell apart when you added reality and logistics.

It was a difficult meeting, and few of us left the room with dry eyes. But what came out of that meeting was unanimous support from everyone in attendance, and the overwhelming consensus that, yes, what PurpleYoYo hopes to bring to the yoyo community is very much needed.

I’ve laid out our goals on the About page, and as you can see we have a daunting amount of work ahead of us. Daunting, but very much needed.

I’m excited to officially launch and begin assembling staff and volunteers to help us reach out and let our fellow yoyo players know they are not alone, and help is available. With your help, we can do it.

Thank you.

Steve Brown
Director –


  1. Glad to see that this is materializing. We at the Lexington Yoyo club are willing to support in anyway that we can. I will be passing on the volunteer information to all of our club members.

  2. What a wonderful resource to help members of our community in need. You have the full support of our family.

  3. To Steve and everyone else involved, thank you so so much. This is the most meaningful cause that I know of in our yoyo community.

    a challenge for anyone reading this: make a donation if you’re able to, no matter how small. This relies on our support. And it’s day 1, the perfect time to show a little.

  4. Trixie aka your daughter

    I’m so happy that you finished this website I think it will help so many people! happy Father’s Day pop!

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